We are very happy to report that this years RegulationResearch Conference will be hosting (in alphabetical order):

We cannot wait to check out all the submissions and finalize the program. 


We invite papers studying the effectiveness of regulations as well as changes in regulations. We welcome papers in law, economics and social psychology. Research at the intersection of these disciplines is particularly welcome. We are open to empirical quantitative work, experimental studies, and qualitative work. Empirical and experimental papers with strong theoretical foundations will be considered a priority, but studies advancing conceptualization and our understanding of regulatory research as well as specific case studies are cordially invited as well.

Keynote speaker will be Christoph Engel (Max Planck Institute or Research on Collective Goods)


Submit your papers here.

Are you a lawyer looking to use data science and machine learning in applying law? Are you a social psychologist, sociologist or economist interested in regulatory issues? Is there an environmental or other legal issue about which you are passionate and you want to develop a comprehensive legal and economic analysis of this issue? We are looking for you!

We are building a team of people who want to explore natural experiments and develop actual experiments to check how to make this world a better place. We will work on environmental regulations, financial market regulations and other areas, where we will seek ways to improve our ability to achieve social objectives with minor changes to how these social objectives are implemented in law.

To apply, send your resume and your transcript of records to the chair of professor Alexander Hellgardt.

"Regulatory Instruments in the real world" is a project funded by Volkswagen Stiftung.